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New Veterinary Exclusive Formula

Antinol Plus from Vetz Petz features a faster onset of action, meaning quicker results for your feline and canine patients. We take pride in being a trusted partner to animal health professionals worldwide, which is why we made this enhanced formula exclusive to veterinarians!

The unique EAB-277 formula in Antinol Plus:

  • Suitable for all dogs at any life stage including those with mobility challenges
  • Enhanced formula for mobility + joint discomfort
  • Beneficial support for skin + coat
  • Synergistic effects with NSAIDs
  • Safe for long-term us with no known side-effects or contraindications*
  • Higher bioavailability with the introduction of krill oil

Together, we can continue to keep happiness in motion for your feline and canine patients.

Antinol+ products

Available Dog Quantities:

60 softgels

120 softgels

240 softgels

480 softgels

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Available Cat Quantities:

60 softgels

120 softgels

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Enhanced Relief from Inflammation Related Discomfort

Our revolutionary formula harnesses the power of two proprietary lipid fractions- sourced from the Perna green lipped mussel and high phospholipid krill- to create a one-of-a-kind nutrient powerhouse. Antinol Plus promotes a healthy inflammatory response that supports:

  • Joint Health + Mobility

  • Skin + Coat Health

  • Cognitive Function

  • Cardiovascular Function

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