Committed to keeping dogs at their best in partnership with USDAA®️!

We're proud to be celebrating 12 months in our partnership with the USDAA®️! As the official distributor of Antinol®️ in United States & the official joint supplement of the USDAA®️, our mission is to help improve and maintain the quality of life of all dogs.

On behalf of the team, we are very excited to bring you the live Cynosport®️ finals exclusively from our website.

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Antinol®️ comeback stories

Meet Surf and Patty – Agility and Herding

Surf sustained a traumatic back injury while herding sheep. After being recommended Antinol, Surf is back and better than ever.

Grace chose Antinol®️ because she was impressed with the science.

Riley was having trouble jumping in the agility ring, and jumping in and out of the car. Over 2 weeks after starting Antinol, Grace began to see changes in Riley. "It was really nice to have my dog back.

13-year-old Party is racing the other dogs and winning now!

Seeing the transformation in her has been wonderful,” says Ginsey. “We laugh at her all the time now. It makes you feel really good that your dog is feeling so much better.

Louie is back at his best competing in agility!

With Antinol®, Louie is still competing at the Bratty Paws Dog Plex and having the time of his life!

Why the Partnership?

It is important to understand the significant connection between mobility and wellness as pets age.  Antinol engaged USDAA®️ to collaborate on a partnership that would help shed light on the important topic and raise awareness of common mobility issues faced by aging dogs and dogs engaged in sport. This partnership will help to improve and maintain the quality of life of all dogs.

Antinol®️ has partnered with a number of the best agility associations, training centres and trainers across the USA.

We aim to pass an additional 5% saving to their members and community.  Click here to find out more.


  • Grand Prix of Dog Agility®

    Now in its 36th year, USDAA®️’s Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Championships is the oldest and most prestigious tournament in the sport today. The event features familiar agility obstacles – weave poles, A-frame, dog walk, see-saw, tunnels and a variety of jumps and hurdles.

  • Dog Agility Steeplechase®

    The Dog Agility Steeplechase® pits the top jumpers in seven different jump height classes in a race against the clock. The Steeplechase course is designed to encourage speed and accuracy as the competitors face a course of hurdles and tunnels, with an A-frame and weave poles on course.

  • Dog Agility Masters® International Two or Three-Dog Team Championship

    The best competitors from around the world team up in groups of three and are tested in their versatility and endurance. Based on a point system, five different rounds of competition involving speed, accuracy and strategy are tested over several days. Dogs of different sizes can team together and scoring is balanced to adjust times and points based on the dog’s size.

  • Masters Challenge Biathlon™️

    The newest tournament, now in its third year consists of two classes – Standard and Jumpers – and features international style courses typically seen in Europe. Scores from both events are combined to name a champion in each jump height.

  • Performance Program

    In 1999, USDAA®️ introduced the Performance Program, which is a mirrored imaged of the tournament events described above with slightly different standards for competition. Jumps heights are 8″, 12″, 14″, 16″, and 20″ and competitors get an additional few seconds to complete a course.

  • Veterans All-Around Showcase

    The Veterans All-Around Showcase celebrates the partnership and vitality of dogs 9 years of age and older who have competed in the Cynosport®️ World Games Tournaments in a previous year. As longtime members of our community, these active and healthy seniors demonstrate a heartwarming zest for the sport that makes the Veterans Showcase a highlight for competitors and spectators, alike. The top 3 dogs in each jump height, 4″, 8″, 12″ and 16″, showcase their versatility after 4 rounds of competition, and relish the cheers and tears as they take to the podium to receive trophies that recognize their teamwork. The Veterans Showcase is a wonderful reminder of the joys of staying active and having fun together at all stages of life, and keeping happiness in motion.