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Holiday Bundle for Cats

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Keep your cat's health and happiness in motion this holiday season with our Holiday Gift Box. We created this bundle to treat your pet and to help them feel, and look their best over the holidays. Whether it's for your young kitten, aging senior, or those with mobility and skin sensitivities, Antinol will help to keep them active all season long!

What's in the bundle?

  • 60 Softgels
  • Vetz Petz red cat collar
  • Catnip Toy Mitten
  • Packed in a holiday season box

*Exclusively available for the holiday season until stocks last.

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Regular price $59.90
$59.90 Regular price Sale price

What's inside?

All our holiday bundles come with an active cat collar and our active toy, packaged up nicely in a special holiday season box!

Perfect for a gift for your cat for the holidays, or buy it for a friend's cat!

Antinol active collar

Our active collar is a cat collar that helps you keep your cat safe. With an adjustable size you'll love seeing this on your cat!

Antinol active toy

Cat toys are fantastic for cats of all ages that can provide hours of active fun and excitement for your cat. It can help improve their coordination and also build trust and friendship with you.

How much Antinol®️ does my cat need?

If your cat is new to Antinol®, it's really important that you double the softgels for the first 15 days to kickstart its effects in your pet's body. This gets them off to the best start possible, with the most dramatic results.

All cat sizes
First 15 days
2 softgels daily
1 softgel daily


  • If I select more than one quantity do I get the same number of bundles?

    Yes. However many bundles you purchase is what we'll send you!

  • It's my first time buying Antinol. Can I get the starter kit with this bundle?

    Unfortunately this bundle is not a part of the starter kit. We suggest to buy both to get the best value.

    If your cat is new to Antinol®️, it’s really important that you double the softgels for the first 15 days. This gets them off to the best start possible, with the most dramatic results.

    For the first 15 days:
    2 softgels daily

  • Can I purchase this and ship it to my friend or family's address?

    Of course. Just enter the address you want to send it to at shipping address step on the checkout page.

  • Do you offer the 60-day risk free trial on this product?

    Yes. If it's your very first purchase with us this product is covered by our money-back gurantee.

  • Can I choose the colour of the collar?

    Our active collars only come in blue. We think they look great!

  • What type of toy is it?

    Our active toy is sure to be loved by your cat!

  • Can I start a subscription with this bundle?

    Yes. Start your subscription to save 5%. From the second delivery onwards you'll receive just the regular amount of Antinol you originally chose.

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What makes us different?



potent + patented concentrated formula


published studies


green-lipped mussels in each capsule


Sourcing + farming from NZ

What is Antinol®️?

Antinol®️ is a super potent, green lipped mussel extract that is processed at our world-class extraction facility within 2 hours of harvesting, ensuring they retain their active goodness.

They are stabilized and freeze-dried, before undergoing our unique patented supercritical fluid extraction technique. This technology is solvent and heat-free, protecting the active ingredients to ensure the highest quality oils are packed into Antinol®️.

We contain no mussel powder. Mussel powder is a waste product of our production process. Antinol®️ only contains the purest oil that is 20 x more concentrated than freeze-dried mussel powder.

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    What is Antinol®️?


    50mg Active ingredient
    (extracted from Green Lipped Mussel)


    D-Alpha Tocopherol
    (Vitamin E)

    Olive Oil


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